ÇáãÏÇÑÓ ÇáÎÇÕÉ Ýí áÈäÇä - Private schools in Lebanon

  1. Saint Joseph School Located in Cornet Chehwan, offers students a sound academic formation to enable them to play constructive and responsible roles in society and a moral and spiritual ducation in the christian tradition
  2. Collège des soeurs des Saints-Coeurs Sioufi Les familles qui inscrivent leurs enfants dans notre établissement font le choix d’un enseignement de qualité
  3. Beirut International School BIS is an ever growing and prospering learning institution that offers both the Lebanese Baccalaureate and the American high school programs. URL:www.bis.edu.lb
  4. Sagesse High School Lebanese and international educational programs.URL: www.sagesse.com
  5. American Community School - Beirut A cooperative community of learning where we challenge our students to build within themselves the foundations for life-long learning.URL: www.acs.edu.lb
  6. Antonine Sisters School Provides the full development of its students in a healthy family atmosphere of understanding and freedom.
    URL: www.asg.edu.lb
  7. Armenian Evangelical College - Beirut Includes the names of alumni association members, history, general information about the institution and a list of donations. Some sections are in Armenian.URL: www.greencedars.com
  8. Jesus and Mary School Located in Rabieh, offers students a sound academic formation to enable them to play constructive and responsible roles in society and a moral and spiritual ducation in the christian tradition.URL: www.jmrab.edu.lb
  9. Al Iman-High school : In Tripoli with branches in the regions, we aim at contributing to building a moral civilized society, through preparing well-educated, moderate, and enlightened generations that believe in God and have respect for the other.URL : www.imanschools.com
  10. Brummana High School Education is based on the principles of the Society of Friends, which stress equality, the spirit of service and encouragement of the pursuit of higher standards through enlightened methods.URL: www.bhs.edu.lb
  11. Goethe Institute - Beirut, Lebanon German cultural and information center, specialized in German language courses and cultural programs with locations.URL: www.goethe.de
  12. College Notre Dame de Jamhour Leading educational institute in Lebanon.URL: www.ndj.edu.lb
  13. Beirut Modern School Aims at promoting the students' abilities and bringing up a generation that believes in values, principles and ideals and thus gives them proper education.URL: www.bms95.edu.lb
  14. National Evangelical Institute for Girls and Boys One of the Nation Evangelical Synod Schools in Lebanon. A private school and the union of two main ancient schools in Saida.URL: www.neigb.edu.lb
  15. Grand Lycee Franco-Libanais One of the oldest schools in Lebanon, founded in 1909 and located in Achrafieh.URL: www.glfl.edu.lb
  16. Eastwood College Has 3 campuses in Kfarshima, Mansourieh and Monteverde, Lebanon.URL: www.eastwood.edu.lb
  17. College Melkart Lebanese educational institute founded in 1971.URL: www.collegemelkart.com
  18. Greenfield CollegeEmphasizes sports and extra-curricular activities as much as it does classroom lessons. Pushes groups and teams to work together whilst ensuring that each student keeps his own personality.URL: www.greenfieldcollege.com
  19. Amjad School Educational institute established in 1997 in Choueifat, Lebanon.URL: www.amjadschool.edu.lb
  20. Modern Education Center Our focus is directed towards the development of the individual, his intellectual capacities, self-awareness and social responsibility.URL: www.moderneducationalcenter.edu.lb
  21. College Notre Dame De Nazareth - Beirut Provides information about school administration, professors, student affairs and more.URL: www.nazarethbeirut.com
  22. Beirut Baptist School Beirut Baptist School, Lebanon.
    URL: www.bbslebanon.org
  23. Lycee Franco Libanais - Nahr Ibrahim Primary and secondary school located in Nahr Ibrahim.
    URL: www.lflni.edu.lb
  24. Doha School Located in Doha El-Hous - Khaldeh, Lebanon.URL: www.dohaschool.edu.lb
  25. College Notre Dame des Soeurs Anonines - Antonine Sisters College Leading educational institute in Lebanon, located in Hazmieh - Jamhour area.URL: www.antonines-hazmieh.edu.lb
  26. Rosaire College - College du Rosaire One of the finest and oldest educational schools in Lebanon.URL: www.rosaire.edu.lb
  27. Tripoli Evangelical School School for Girls and Boys established by the Presbyterian Missionaries in 1873. From nursery (3 year olds) to third secondary (Bacc II).URL: www.tes.edu.lb
  28. Students Paradise School Beirut institution specialized in KGs, preparatory and elementary education.URL: web.cyberia.net.lb
  29. College des Apotres A college situated in the Jounieh area, 15 km north of Beirut.URL: www.apotres.edu.lb
  30. College Central des Moines Libanais, Jounieh Leading Lebanese educational institute. Website provides information about school administration, professors, student affairs, activities and more.URL: www.college-central.com
  31. Bishmizzine High School Founded in 1937, provides a tri-linguistic (Arabic, English and French) educational program, with activities that include fine and performing arts, physical education, social and behavioral sciences.URL: www.bhs-lb.org
  32. College des Peres Antonins Website of the Antonine Fathers College in Baabda. Administration, divisions, activities, services, clubs, alumni and more.URL: www.cpantonins.edu.lb
  33. Al Kawthar Secondary School Provides information about school administration, students and a discuuion forum.URL: www.alkawtharschool.org
  34. Worldwide Classroom - Lebanon Listing of major schools and educational institutes in Lebanon.URL: www.worldwide.edu
  35. International School of Choueifat, Lebanon One of the leading schools in Lebanon. Founded as a school for girls in the village of Choueifat in 1886.URL: www.isc-lebanon.com
  36. Winnie's House Children nursery and care center in Beirut. Offers several educative and learning programs and activities.URL: www.winnieshouse.net
  37. Le Lycee National One of the leading educational institutes in Lebanon. Site features academic background, administration, sporting activities, alumni and more.URL: www.le-lycee-national.edu.lb
  38. German School in Beirut Private secular school supported by the German Government, established in 1954.
    URL: www.deutscheschulebeirut.edu.lb
  39. Rabieh Nursery and Kindergarten Founded in 1980, emphasizes on whole-child development through age-appropriate learning activities.
    URL: www.rabiehnursery.com
  40. College Louise Wegmann College history, admissions, locations, alumni and more.URL: www.clw.edu.lb
  41. Adma International School (AIS) Lebanon Day and boarding co-educational school. Multi-national in its philosophy, curriculum, personnel, students and range of offerings.URL: www.admais.com
  42. Johann Ludwig Schneller Schule An evangelical ecumenical institution. Provides a healthy home to socially and vocationally underprivileged children regardless of their gender, race or religion.URL: www.jlss.org
  43. Rafic Hariri High School Information about the school, academics, administration, school activities and more.URL: www.rhhs.edu.lb
  44. Al-Iman High School, Saida Consists of two private schools established by the Cultural Islamic Center in Saida.URL: www.ihs.edu.lb
  45. Lebanese Preparatory School Information about school, history, premises, admissionsm academicsm facilities, services, alumni and more.URL: www.lps.edu.lb
  46. Lycee Verdun Lebanese French school located in Verdun, Beirut. Information about school, students activities, alumni and more.URL: www.lycee-verdun.edu.lb
  47. Saint Mary's Orthodox College Official website of Saint Mary's Orthodox College in Beirut. Administration, divisions, year book, library and more.URL: www.smoc.edu.lb
  48. College Saints Coeurs, Sioufi Located in Achrafieh, Sioufi area. Site features college history, teachers profiles, student activities, newsletter and more.URL: www.sscc.edu.lb
  49. Students' Paradise Secondary School School profile, admission info, academic calendar, curriculum, activities and more.URL: www.spss.ws
  50. Rawdah High School Established in Beirut in 1961, with a student body of over 1600 distributed over four campuses in Verdun, Zarif, Airport and Summerland areas.URL: www.rhs.edu.lb
  51. Antonine International School Information about school, administration, students and teachers news, calendar of events and more.URL: www.ais.edu.lb
  52. College Institut Moderne du Liban Founded in 1959 by Father Michel Khalife. Site provides school history, administration, facilities, alumni and more.URL: www.instmod.edu.lb
  53. Montana International College A learning community that offers the American High School Program, the French Baccalaureate and Lebanese Baccalaureate.URL: www.mic.edu.lb
  54. College Protestant Francais College history, administration, programmes, students corner, alumni and more.
    URL: www.cpf.edu.lb
  55. Monsif National School Private trilingual (English, Arabic and French) coeducational institution for primary and secondary education.
    URL: www.monsifschool.edu.lb
  56. Southern Amelieh School Information about the school administration, programs, activities and scouts.URL: www.amelieh.com
  57. First Step Together Association (FISTA) Nonprofit organization working to establish special programs designed to prepare students with special needs to lead independent, rewarding lives.URL: www.fista.org
  58. Al Mahdi Schools Educational institutes managed by the Islamic Association for Education and Teaching.URL: www.almahdischools.org
  59. Jenny's Nursery Nursery, day care and after school center providing educational and recreational activities for kids under 10 years old.URL: www.jennysnursery.com
  60. Bebes Calins Kids nursery located in Beit El Chaar. Offers healthy environment with educational and recreational activities for children.URL: www.bebescalins.com
  61. Christian Teaching Institute Private Christian primary and secondary school in Sin el Fil, offering education in mathematics, science, language and humanities.URL: www.cti-school.com
  62. Garderie 123 Soleil Nursery and day care center for infants and kids up to 5 years old.URL: www.garderie123soleil.com
  63. Ecoles des Peres Carmes School history, news, albums, activities, events and more.URL: www.amicarmes.com
  64. Notre Dame De Louaize, Zouk Mosbeh Academic school founded by the Maronite Mariamite Order in 1930s, to prepare the seminarians to become monks.URL: www.collegendl.com
  65. College Elysee Website of Elysee College in Hazmieh, Lebanon. History, admissions, college news and more.URL: www.collegeelysee.com
  66. Garderie Le Cocon Offers day care and pre-school nursery services for infants and kids, in addition to educational and recreational activities.URL: www.lecoconlb.com
  67. Al Jinan Secondary School Islamic education school located in Tripoli.URL: www.jinanschool.org
  68. Garderie Le BarBar Day care center offers several programs and services in early childhood education and care.URL: www.lebarbar.com
  69. Mousietbeh Adventist Secondary School Provides its students with an education and analytical skills crucial to a smooth transition into higher education.URL: www.mass.edu.lb
  70. Doudou Bonheur Nursery and pre-school day care center managed by Gisel Karam.URL: www.doudoubonheur.com
  71. Little Treasures Lebanon Child care and education center in Beirut.URL: www.littletreasureslb.com
  72. Al Rabih School Located in Kabrshmoun, with trained and experienced teachers who work on developing the mental, social and intellectual abilities of the learners.URL: www.rs.edu.lb
  73. Ketty Garden Nursery and pre-school educational center. Services, programs, locations and more.URL: www.kettygarden.com
  74. Mon Jardin d'Enfants - Claire Maassab Educational and recreational care center for infants and kids.URL: www.mjecm.com
  75. National American School, Zahle Secular school located in Zahle. Also offers English language and computer courses to the public at all levels.URL: www.naszahle.com
  76. Garderie et Materenelle Les Citronniers Nursery and maternity center providing educational and recreational services for kids.URL: www.garderielescitronniers.com
  77. La Ribambelle de Melkart Offers day care and pre-school services and programs for infants and kids.URL: www.laribambelle.com
  78. Lemonts - Lebanese Montessori Nursery School Open for children between the ages of 2 and 5 years. Holds mother and toddler sessions for younger children, as well as an after school program.URL: www.lemonts.net
  79. L'Institut Technique des Freres - Gemmayze Website of the technical institute in Gemayze. Administration, programs, students corner and more.URL: www.itf-institut.com
  80. Groupe Vel Kids club offers day care services, summer camps, educational and recreational activities.URL: www.groupevel.com
  81. Learn and Play Children's Center Day care center for children from 1 to 3 years old. Development and educational programs.URL: www.learn-and-play.com
  82. College Notre Dame des Soeurs Salvatoriennes - Abra Founded in 1964, provides education from kindergarten to secondary levels.URL: www.ndsalv-abra.com
  83. Educalys Beirut Lebanon Portal to the Orthodox Schools of Beirut: Saint Mary's Orthodox College, Beirut Annunciation Orthodox College, Ecole des Trois Docteurs, Ecole Saint-Elie Mousseitbeh.
    URL: www.educalys.edu.lb
  84. Koala Garden Vacationa and day care center for infants and kids. Information, activities, programs, staff and more.URL: www.koalagarden.com
  85. The Arab Institute A network of academic, vocational and high level schools in Beirut.URL: www.thearabinstitute.com
  86. Garderie Royaume des Petits Anges Day care and pre-school center for infants and kids up to 5 years old.URL: www.royaume-des-petits-anges.com
  87. National Evangelical School Nabatieh Website of the National Evangelical School Nabatieh. History, admissions, news and activities.URL: www.nesn.edu.lb
  88. College Saint Charbel, Jieh Website of Saint Charbel School in Jieh. Information about school, history, programs and more.URL: www.saintcharbeljieh.com
  89. Classes Orange Lebanon Educational institute specialized in helping children with comprehension and development problems.URL: http://www.classesorange.com