The Nargile is very dangerous for the body because itís a way to many diseases like cancer and it hurts the lungs from its bad smoke. It has the same effects of cigarettes because the person becomes addicted to it. The person who takes Nargile exposed to the death much more before the others.

Iman Heider - Marjeyun Secondary School

Smoke 10 cigarettes, but donít try the nargile for once

Mohammad Kazan - Marjeyun Secondary School

Nargile is a poisoned substance because the kind of used tobacco is the main cause that it drives the smoker for death step by step.

Amira Ibrahim - Marjeyun Secondary School

Nargile is a way to entertain the soul but it has bad effect because it hurts the lungs and it is to bad for the pregnant women so she have to avoid it.

Rasha Abla - Marjeyun Secondary School

Nargile is a way leads the human to slowly death and a reason to the lungs cancer while they think that it is so fun.

Khalid kasab - Marjeyun Secondary School

The nargile is a tool for the human to fun and enjoy while it is a reason for the slowly death. It influent on our acts, characters and mind and some of us smoke the nargile to forget all depress and problems.

Pascal Al Lakkis - Marjeyun Secondary School

During the last 15 years Hubbly-bubbly was spread largely all over Lebanon .

In my opinion it is a very harmful habit and some people think that it is less harmful from the cigarettes by due to scientific studies it is more harmful.

Due to that I advice every one to get away of it and find another thing for the leisure time because it harm our health and environment.

George Najem - Marjeyun Secondary School

Nargile in our days has been so widely spread among young boys and girls.

Despite It may cause serious illness and it is so rare to find a friends gathering without a nargile that enjoy and interest them .A gathering without a nargile is a worse and unsuccessful one.

Reem Ali - Marjeyun Secondary School

It is a bad habit that leads to a unstable state although it hurts the man and the pregnant especially her baby that why I hate it and I hate who smoke it. Nargile change the health step by step and finally from good to bad.

Ziad Yassen - Marjeyun Secondary School

The nargile is danger to health despite it become very famous between the people while they knew that it is danger and a reason for the slowly death. Some people take it like their bread and others take it for fun.

Maissa El Hasbany - Marjeyun Secondary School

In these days the nargile gives fun and pleasure to smokers who think that nargile is lighter than cigarette but the truth is that the nargile is like cigarette.

Itís Danger to the pregnant woman especially for her baby it could cause his death, so the ministry of health say that smoking is dangerous.

Rabih El Hasbani - Marjeyun Secondary School

The nargile is an instrument used for fun and to escape from problems, but it is a reason to a dangerous death.

Sharbel nehmatallah - Marjeyun Secondary School

Nargile is harmful for health. Despite it is spread all around the world. Nowadays, Nargile being the tool for fun and pleasure for smokers.

Marry Nehmy - Marjeyun Secondary School

Nargile makes dangers diseases, and sometimes death and I consider it like harmful for the society, and I hope if the ministry of smoking invite people for a medical courses to let them know the advantages of smoking to keep it away from them

Lilyan Slika - Marjeyun Secondary School

Nargile is a type from many ways used to forget problems, for fun, loose the time, and it is so harmful.

Mouhamad Ibrahim - Marjeyun Secondary School

Nargile is a way to fun, but in my opinion it is a way to death.

Jalal Alla Aldeen - Marjeyun Secondary School

Nargile harm the human, and it is a way for loosing time, it is a negative way for people.

Hanny Daher - Marjeyun Secondary School

The nargile is an entertainment way but in the same time its not healthy .it cause many diseases to the smoker specially lung cancer.

Ihsan Chit - Iman Awada - Manal Saab - Marjeyun Secondary School

The nargile is an instrument to enjoy for the people because they think it eliminate all their problems. But certainly it not helps them to forget these problems but really it dominate on their nerve and mind.

In my opinion sometimes we want to smoke the nargile but not for always. Let us see its effects on the pregnant and exactly on babies , they will  born so thin  and their lung  doesnít work well also the rhythm of  their hearts doesnít good , and it caused sometime the death of the babies .

kassim Issa - Marjeyun Secondary School

The nargile is so dangerous and it is the most reason for the death. Some people think that she is a game for fun but in fact it is a type of drugs when we try it once we canít stop it forever.

And in the part of the pregnant, the effect of the nargile is negative because we will see a handicapped baby.

Reeham Ramadan - Marjeyun Secondary School

The nargile is so dangerous, when people smoking it to run away from all things disturb them. When they attached to it they canít left it again. 

Darine Toubia - Marjeyun Secondary School

Some people doesnít know what are the dangerous of the nargile and consider

It like a beautiful way to enjoy.

Other thinks if they smoke nargile they can forget the cigarettes: in their opinion the nargile is better than the cigarettes but both are dangerous ways.

We can note also its danger on the pregnant, exactly on the baby, when she smoke or smell the nargileís fume.

Mona Mansour - Marjeyun Secondary School

If u needs to pass your time like anything not interesting in the world u can stay and smoke the water pipe. Maybe it permit us meeting, gathering and talking but in another hand it dominate in our life and characters and you will see the smokers attached to it day after day until they canít live without the special and adored friend: the nargile.

Jony Rahhal - Marjeyun Secondary School

In my opinion the nargile is the most dangerous in the world because it is the first reason to destroy the health and then the world. Its effect is certainly negative in the women and exactly on the pregnant ones

Ali Awada - Marjeyun Secondary School

It is an instrument to pass the time but itís not good to the health.

Smoking a nargile equal one box and a have of cigarettes so I donít consider it important in our life. It caused the death and the diseases.

Georges Said. - Marjeyun Secondary School

In my opinion it is not a good way to enjoy.

Smoking a nargile is equal a 10 boxes of cigarettes.

Maroun tayar - Marjeyun Secondary School

People consider the nargile like an instrument to forget all problems and let them travel to anther world.

 Jacqueline Rizk. - Marjeyun Secondary School

The nargile became famous around the world. People give it a big importance and role: nowadays each home possesses and used it every day.

. In my opinion, we must save our health, used our mind and be strong to stop this big problem because it considered like bad instrument in the life

Rania Fares. - Marjeyun Secondary School

The nargile is the beautiful way to enjoy the time with friends. It has a good smelt but I hate it after I try it for once.

Elias Nemer - Marjeyun Secondary School

The nargile take an important parts from our life, we will see smokers take it wherever they are in any time. We will consider it like a friend to a group of friends.

Itís not good for our health, our life and certainly if we have children at home. We listen them always say to their fathers to keep it away because they hates its smelt but no answer, so children are in danger more than the smokers.


Melvina Rahhal - Marjeyun Secondary School