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1- What is SchoolNet Lebanon?

A one of its kind project in the region that will ultimately interconnect all public and private schools and available libraries together and with the Ministry of National Education over a state-of-the-art telecommunications infrastructure with a gateway to the global internet and supported by the latest information and communications technologies.

2- SchoolNet Lebanon: Mission Statement

Bringing Lebanese students closer to a knowledge-based society by providing continuing education through multimedia learning facilities and resources enabled by state-of-the-art information and communications technologies and enriched with active partnerships between all concerned public and private sectors.

  3- SchoolNet Lebanon: Objectives

Facilitate effective learning for the national student population and enhance the teaching capacity of educators by providing all with a wealth of online instructions, lectures, references and other content in interactive multimedia formats, from national, regional as well as international sources, all accessible from any location throughout Lebanon and at any time.

4- Future Plans: Expansions and Upgrades

Future Plans: Expansions and Upgrades Expand coverage of SchoolNet Lebanon to cover all public and private sector schools over high bandwidth direct communications connections (current PC lab bid by MoNE is part of this expansion process) Add the various public libraries and eventually the National Archives Add and diversify the online content and its online delivery mechanism, particularly as relates to Arabic content and lectures (link classrooms vs schools) Connect SchoolNet Lebanon to a similar network that links universities and their libraries to form a National Science and Research network (NSRNet Lebanon) Provide links between SchoolNet Lebanon and other SchoolNet initiatives, regionally and internationally Launch national and regional projects that add to the application facilities of SchoolNet Lebanon, particularly as relates to apps with Arabic support