How To View Arabic Pages
Please read this before you proceed in viewing Arabic pages in this site.

Arabic pages in this site are presented as text, not images as in many Arabic sites on the Internet , In order to view them , you need to browse the pages using the right combination of operating system and browser.

Please read the following options and choose the one you prefer. In addition, to improve the overall quality of fonts displayed on your screen, regardless of your browser, read about MS Windows 95 font smoother.

If you are using Arabic Windows 95

         For best results, use Microsoft Arabic Internet Explorer 3.02 . This is the best solution suggested here.

         You can use Netscape Navigator 3.01 , but note that text may be displayed incorrectly. Please read the remarks below for more details.

If you are using non-Arabic Windows 95

         Use Alis' Tango Browser. This solution is advised only if you don't have Arabic Windows 95. You have to read the notes below to be able to read in Arabic.

         Sindibad Arabaization tool (from Sakhr) can be used with either Netscape Navigator 3.0, or Netscape Navigator Gold 3.0 and note that this is not a complete Arabic solution.

If you are using Arabic Windows 3.1x

         Use Netscape 16 bit Navigator 3.01; some text may be displayed incorrectly.



Why Arabic Text ?

Now you may ask: why do not you just follow the others and display the Arabic pages in your site as an images ?.

Fine!, but we do have a very strong reasons behind this ..

         Loading time for the arabic text is much faster than waiting for the images to be down-loaded.

         Using text, will help you copying and pasting any paragraphs you wish into your documents.

         If you have an arabic system, you can easily print the pages.

         While the Arabic material is entered as text, you can definitely search the pages for any word.

         Developing the Arabic pages as images will be reflected on the size of material that we offer. in other words, the more images are used, the less material is offered.

         Finally, this is the natural way of doing things!.


Important notes for Netscape users:

If you can not read Arabic pages, please follow these instructions:

1.      Make sure that you are running your browser under Arabic Windows. If not, download Sindbad first.

2.      Run your browser, choose Arabic mode if you are using Sindbad and go to one of our Arabic pages.

3.      From Netscape, Choose Options > General Preferences > Fonts.

4.      Click the "Choose Font" Button to change the default Proportional Font.

5.      A Fonts Dialog box will appear , choose an Arabic font (such as Traditional Arabic or Transparent Arabic) from the list and choose a font size.

6.      Click OK, the Font dialog box will disappear.

7.      Click OK to save the changes .

8.      Now You can read the Arabic pages.


Important notes for Alis users:

Please follow these steps in order to read in Arabic using this browser:

1.      Run Tango browser.

2.      Go to any of our Arabic pages..

3.      Choose LANGUAGE --> Character Sets from the main menu.

4.      Choose ARABIC to be the document language.

5.      A list of available Arabic character sets will be displayed to the right of the languages list.

6.      Choose Arabic windows-1256 from the list.

7.      Click SELECT , then APPLY.

8.      Again Choose LANGUAGE

9.      Choose PREFERENCES and let the Arabic be the Promote language. Click ok.

10.  Choose DIRECTION and select Direction to be Right To Left.

Now , you can read the Arabic text !, but please note that :

         Text Displayed within tables will not look very good, while you still can read it. it is also true in many other cases.

         We assume that you have installed Tango browser probably, and you have chosen the Arabic support option.

         You are not able to see java applets or run java scripts ..


MS Windows 95 font smoother

To improve the overall quality of fonts displayed on your screen, regardless of your operating system, download and use MS Windows 95 font smoother. This free utility from Microsoft work only if your machine is set to 64K colors or more.