Educational Association for IT Development-EAID

Basic Law (pdf Arabic Format)


Educational Association for IT Development-EAID (Non profit Organization)

Vision:            Advancing the level of education in Lebanon.

Objective:       Development of Education, particularly through electronic means, information technology and communications.

Goals: The associations goals are educational and social and include the following:

Educational goals

1.      Providing internet access to every home and school, highlighting the role of IT and the internet as means for creating equal and better opportunities for attaining education.

2.      Develop the Internet Infrastructure for its use as a tool for education and teaching in a large number of schools and universities, both private and public.  This process would take place within the framework of a program that emphasizes human and resources development.

3.      Establish  training courses to train teachers, trainers and workers in educational institutions, schools and associations

4.      Establish a set of necessary tools to create an online digital library which would facilitate the job of professors and teachers and allow them to post their outstanding projects on the Internet to be at the disposal of all students and teachers.

5.      To enable a large number of teachers and professors to use these resources and develop them, which would lead to the creation of thousands of beneficial user- friendly internet pages by anyone for educational purposes

6.      To enable any student or any educational institution to contribute to the creation of new knowledge or  what is known as completion of the knowledge cycle

7.      Helping secure equipment and programs for institutions that are consistent with the objectives and aims of the association

8.      Development of leadership and managerial skills for leading educational institutions.

9.      Develop the skills, knowledge, and tendencies of workers in the educational field.

10.  Cooperation with the educational authorities to develop computer curricula and use information and communication technology in the development of other educational curricula.

11.  Work on providing continuous training for teachers to enable them to use information and communication technology during their performance of the tasks entrusted to them.

12.  Extra curricular activities and developing their implementation

13.  Putting in place information and communication technology programs that have educational goals.

14.  Establish special vocational training courses for information and communication technology and its educational applications.

Social Goals

1.      Work on increasing computer literacy in the Lebanese society.

2.      Facilitate access to information by placing it online through the web.

3.       Enable authors to highlight their work on the web, while protecting their intellectual property rights.

4.      Create a portal to develop communication among educational institutions and civil society organizations.

5.      Adopt and encourage research and activities that encourage the use of computers, particularly through developing application software in the Arabic language and encourage research that contributes to advancing the level of information and communication technology.

6.      Assist in securing resources that enrich scientific and public libraries with research, scientific references, tools, and scientific documentaries, and place these resources at the disposal of all those who wish to be informed of the latest scientific studies and research on information systems.

7.      Hold exhibitions, seminars and scientific sessions and lectures in cooperation with scientific institutions, and hold scientific activities and trips, and disseminate information among citizens, professors and students.

8.      Cooperate with media and publishing houses to publish information and communication technology education through programs and scientific articles and books.

9.      Issue publications and magazines to disseminate research and studies that serve the objectives of the Association.


Organization Name and Address

Educational Association for IT Development EAID

Mar Maroun Str. Yammine Bldg.

Mazraat Yachouh, Metn


Tel :  961-4-920345





Abdou Yammine, EAID CEO.

Educational Association for IT Development EAID


General Manager

 Abdou Yammine