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Five years is the age of our association where we called for establishment based on the gracious desire of our Father, the Patriarch, Cardinal Mar Beshara Boutros,
With a vigorous father, respectful and sustainable follow-up of all the details, providing the available logistical services, sharpening the eagerness and implementing everyone to overcome obstacles, the members began their first meeting in the Monastery of Our Lady of Tamish on June 9, 2012, this desire will not be found except in the evangelized person with the word of the Lord, and who was keen on the commitment of Father Louis El-Khund to adhere to it and live it joyfully And shepherd. Thanks from the heart to him.

With this introduction, I present to you, dears, this report, shedding light on all the stages from the first meetings on June 9, 2012 until the election of the new administrative board on October 20, 2017, this includes seven stages that we worked to classify based on what has been documented information, hoping to apologize In advance about any error that may have been omitted, we listed them as follows:

We show you some of the associations activities since the founders worked on establishing it from 2012 until the present day:

Year 2012
Year 2013
Year 2014
Year 2015
Year 2016
Year 2017
Year 2018
Year 2019
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