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Financial Report


Financial accounts:

According to the financial report issued by the treasurer, Mrs. Julia Abi Shibl, we include in this report the final balances as they came to us at the date of preparing this report, and they are as follows:

30647500 LBP for thirty million six hundred and forty-seven thousand five hundred Lebanese pounds deposited in a bank (Lebanese Credit - Awkar branch)

 74. $ 743, seven hundred forty-three US dollars, and 74% (Lebanese Credit Bank)

$ 210 two hundred ten US Dollars (cash in the box)

86,000 LBP for eighty-six thousand Lebanese pounds (cash in the fund)

Total final balances in US dollars in cash + bank (74.953 $) nine hundred fifty-three US dollars, and 74% cents

Total final balances in Lebanese pounds in cash + bank (30733500 LBP) thirty million seven hundred thirty-three thousand and five hundred Lebanese pounds.

Note: Attached with the report is an invoice for two from the Malah Library and the Visitors Restaurant, for a value of 272000 LBP for two hundred and two and a week one thousand Lebanese Pounds.

The association has also deposited aromatics of checkbooks No. 75541 and 75786, the number of their papers is 30 sheets, each notebook is 15 sheets, in addition to the checkbook papers bearing the numbers 75783 - 75784 - 75585 and the entire sheets of the notebook bearing the number 99716 to 99740 have ended (the original financial report is attached to this report).

Pursuant to the laws in force, the disbursement of any sums from the bank account was frozen on October 20, 2017 until the approval of the new administrative body elections was issued.

All financial documents and checkbooks have been delivered to the association's secretariat, and the treasurer, Mrs. Julia Abi Abi Shibl, has requested the clearance of the fund's secretariat for this stage.

The cash amounts declared in the treasurers report will be deposited in the associations bank account, and this deposit will be announced at the next meeting

The opening of the membership to the association will be announced pursuant to the decisions issued at the October 20, 2017 meeting

A statement will be issued to the media about the election of the new administrative body.

After signing the election report, the Ministry of Interior will be informed of this election within the legal time limit