Bienvenue à l'association "Amis des écoles publiques à Metn"

Année 2020

The year is 2020

Implantation of 150 rice plants in the Baskinta cedar reserve at the initiative of the "Association of Friends of Public Schools" and in cooperation with the representative Idkar Maalouf and the municipality of Baskinta

Among the activity programs approved at its first conference, during which the deputy, Idkar Al-Maalouf, was tasked with working within the framework of the environmental activities of the association, the Association of Friends of Public Schools of 'Al-Matn organized an environmental trip to the Baskinta region.

The activity included a visit to the Monastery of Saint Youssef Baskinta, where Father Joseph Charbel explained to the participants the history of the monastery, then the participants moved to the Church of Our Lady of the Transition - historic Baskinta and from there to the area of ​​Al-Shakhroub where the tomb of the great writer Mikhael Naima, and after visiting the tomb and monument of the writer is Mount Sannine. A nature reserve of cedars and zab, where they planted more than one hundred and fifty cedar seedlings in cooperation with the municipality of Baskinta and with the participation of the reserve of cedars of Shouf, the deputy Maalouf and a group of members and friends from Al-Matn schools. Each participant hung a badge with their name on each plant they planted so that they would know its location later, as they will care for them. Outside