Welcome to "Metn Public schools Friends" Association

Year 2019

Phase VIII (1/1/2019 to 31/12/2019)

The first activity

A sports mini marathon in support of public schools in Al-Metn at the initiative of the "Metn Public School Friends Association"

In a step that is the first of its kind, under the title ďRun For FunĒ, the Association of Public School Friends in Metn,, in cooperation with "Make Your Mark" Association, organized ďMini Marathon Metn for Official Schools,Ē on Sunday, May 5, 2019, where the participants gathered in The coastal city of Jdeideh El-Metn Square, starting at seven in the morning, and set off in two groups (2 and 5 km) from 8:30 to 10:30, and a large number of students who came from 23 complementary Schools and 12 secondary Schools and two Vocational Schools competed in this event. This distinguished activity was in the presence of the Deputies Elias Hanash, Edy Maalouf, and the Mayor of Al Jadida - Bouchrieh - Al Sedd Municipality, Antoine Jebara, in addition to the president and members of the association and a large number of directors of participating public schools, teachers, parent councils and Parents Councils, and the Association of Friends of the Public School in Jbeil, which was established Recently, from the faces of activists that have a long history in serving the region and interest in public affairs, and those with legal, educational, pastoral, cultural and artistic specializations ... with the full support of the Al-Metn Association.3.

This mini-marathon is the result of the tireless and continuous work of the "Metn Public School Friends Association", this association that, since its establishment four and a half years ago, has carried the concern of the public schools in the Al-Metn district, with the aim of strengthening confidence in public schools, especially after these schools have achieved, over many years, impressive results in Official exams, compared to all Lebanese regions, need to stand by them to achieve a high level of quality education.

This activity was decided to hold on December 8, 2018, during the first educational conference held by the association at the Al-Jadaide municipality theater with the participation of six Metn Deputies in addition to Beirut deputy,Rev. Edguard Traboulsi member of the Parliamentary Education Committee, where it was decided that each of the participants would take a responsibility to implement a project to support public schools in Al Metn. Deputy Elias Hanakish took an option to encourage sports and youth activities. Love and familiarity between them, on the one hand, and with the aim of securing assistance to implement sports infrastructure projects in Al-Metn Public Schools by rehabilitating stadiums and providing them with some equipment, sports supplies, and the promotion of sports clubs on the other hand.

Before the launching of the Mini-Marathon, the CEO of the association Mrs. Raghda Kaworkian Yashoui addressed a word of welcome to all the participants. She thanked Deputy Hanash for his contribution to the first project of the decisions of the educational conference, stressing that the goal of this activity is to spread joy among the learners and run together, which reflects a beautiful image. From the public school towards parents, society and the state, and enhances the citizenís confidence in the public school, "this confidence that the learners gave us through their distinguished diligence and activity."

Yashoui also emphasized the importance of sport for the natural and balanced growth of the human being, noting that there are many public schools in Al-Metn that do not have stadiums properly qualified for practicing sports, adding, "Our association will always be the support for public schools by calling for building new schools in Al-Metn, because we are. We no longer want schools that do not conform to educational specifications.

Yashoui indicated that we seek to build new schools, by raising their voice, stressing that the association places hopes on qualified Metn Deputies to move this matter, and for public schools to be the vanguard in education, and a first choice for all Lebanese citizens.

After that, Deputy Elias Hankash spoke, and in turn, greeted the Friends of the Public School Association in Al-Metn, on its efforts, noting that historically no official or unofficial body has done what the association is doing at this stage.

Hankash also emphasized that this support and effort will build distinct generations in the future, hoping that this activity will develop over the years and become an annual tradition.

Deputy Edy Maalouf, stressing the importance of supporting the public school to fulfill its educational mission fully, explaining the project that he adopted at the conference, among the projects agreed upon at the conference, announcing that he had undertaken the implementation of an environmental project, by encouraging the establishment of environmental clubs School, which helps in raising awareness of the importance of the environment and sustainable development, rehabilitating and establishing gardens in schools and the surrounding area, afforestation, cleaning or creating paths for walking and walking in nature, and organizing workshops aimed at educating learners and training people in sorting and reusing waste. Emphasis on the learnerís right to a healthy environment in his school environment and in the country in general, provided that this is included in the educational curricula with the aim of reaching the green public school and a clean country free of waste.

Maalouf announced that he will work on implementing his project soon, in collaboration with the Association.

Mayor Jabara, addressed a speech in which he welcomed all attendees, stressing that Al-Jadaide Square will remain open to receive all activities aimed at supporting the public school and contributing to its prosperity and the prosperity of formal education, saying: ďWe are at the service of the public school with strength. "

At the end of the mini-marathon and on the beat of the musical tunes, prizes and gifts were distributed to the winning learners by the sponsor of this activity, Deputy Hankash, and the president of the association Mrs. Yashoei, with the participation of the association members. Thejournalist, Petra Abu Haidar, made the introduction, and Tony Khoury took over the filming.

The Second activity

Meeting with school principals and parents' committees Saturday, March 30, 2019 - Bikfaya High School

In implementation of the decisions of the 2018 conference and based on the recommendation regarding the establishment of coordination committees for parent councils in Public Schools, the "Metn Public School Friends" Association organized a founding meeting on Saturday 30 March 2019 in Bikfaya Public High School, which included 19 public schools from central and high Al-Metn.

Thirteen school principals participated in the meeting with representatives of the parent committees, and representatives of 6 schools were absent from this meeting.

First, a copy of the conferenceís recommendations was distributed to the participants. Then, the president of the association Mrs. Raghida Yashoui reviewed the items and the necessary implementation mechanisms were discussed. The meeting included 3 topics:

Topic one: environmental activity

Mrs. Merlin Saad and Claire Hajj Abi Karam reviewed the issue of the environment in public schools - calling for the establishment of workshops to highlight important topics affecting all segments of society, such as: air pollution, waste sorting, cleaning campaigns for streets, towns and beaches, afforestation campaigns and road cutting in villages. Awareness on the issue of water pollution was presented. Mrs. Saad models for recycling waste and converting it into suitable products. Mrs. Abi Karam also referred to the issue of bird protection in order to preserve the environmental balance and rationalize the use of water. Employing their capacity and investing it in community service..

Topic two: Forming 3 coordination committees between parent councils

The associationís advisor, Mr. George Haddad, spoke carefully about this issue and said that the public school is his first concern and that he automatically found himself among the associationís members without knowing the reason other than his enthusiasm for service for the success of the public schoolís path and its superiority, indicating that the association is the engine and schools and parent committees must devise ideas to help them and he promised that he will Developing a program, in coordination with Mrs. Hilda Khoury, to form coordination committees between the heads of the family committees for collective action, in accordance with Article 33 of the Parents Council System, and at the end of his intervention, 3 coordination committees were formed for the Parent Councils:

         The first committee includes 6 primary and secondary schools, namely: Baskinta - Bteghrine - Choueir - Al-Mtain, and its first meeting will be held on May 11, 2019 in Dahour Choueir High School.

         The second committee includes 6 primary and secondary schools, namely: Sfaylah - Beit Shabab - Bikfaya - Ain Aar and Mazraat Yashouh. Its first meeting will be held on Thursday May 9 at 4 pm in Bikfaya High School.

         The third committee includes 7 primary and secondary schools, namely: Beit Mery - Broumana - Baabdat - Mansouriya. Its first meeting will be held on May 19 at 4 pm in Baabdat High School.

Interventions of Principalss and parent committees

Dahour Shweir High School Principal, Mrs. Sabah Mujaes, spoke about her pioneering experience in the success of the Dhour Al-Shwer High School and the implications of this experience on the official educational sector, noting that the high schoolís obtaining the first prize between public and private schools in Dubai is a guide and protector for all schools in Lebanon and that the success of its experience depended on it. Good management, initiative, student implementation, discipline, order, sacrifice, modernization in curricula, methods of education, close follow-up, and coordination with references and actors from MPs, ministers, heads of municipalities and civil society, all of these factors produced this success.

Then Bikfaya High School Principal, Elias Helou, said that this year coincides with the golden jubilee of the establishment of the school and that the high school is carrying out many extra-curricular activities and has organized courses with the Red Cross, the Jesuit University and the Education Office

Some interventions by a number of participants, some of them demanded the creation of scouts teams - and some of them called for financial support, such as the Parents' Committee in Bikfaya High School, which contributed to securing the salaries of informatics teachers.

In conclusion, Maitre Rima Hadshiti included the parents committees ísuggestions:

1-      Demanding to organize periodic preparatory sessions by concerned parties and specialized bodies aiming at educating parent committees on the rights and duties regulated by law.

2-      Urging parent councils to encourage students to enroll in public schools due to their national importance

3-      Involving parent councils in the affairs and concerns of the public school, especially on the financial level, in order to help and fill possible gaps

4-      Involving parent councils in the affairs and concerns of students and working to communicate with their parents in order to find the necessary solutions

5-      Demanding to increase the number of parents' council members to activate their role

6-      Parents ícouncils endeavor to support the councilís fund financially and logistically, and endeavor with municipalities and actors in the region to provide the necessary support

1.      7 - The need to pay the contributions of the Parents Committee at the beginning of the school year to benefit from its employment in filling the needs, as well as the need to establish support activities for the school fund

7-      Involving parent councils in all school activities directly related to students

8-      Keeping up with the parents' councils for students and their participation in attending and following up all classroom and extra-curricular activities, for example (attending graduation ceremonies, honors, exhibitions, matches, chants, etc.) inside and outside the school, especially in villages and towns with family ties or integrated areas